Kelsaik instance guide

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Kelsaik instance guide

Post by Linas on Wed Sep 04, 2013 7:53 am

I will keep everything short and detailed, so the key to this instance is to know how to switch between debuffs.

All three instances have this mechanic. There are 3 debuffs - poison, this can be replaced by either fire or ice attacks, poison do damage over time, so better be quick to change it.
Fire debuff - this debuff can be only switched by ice claw or aoe attack.
Ice debuff - switched by fire claw or fire aoe, but not the column because it may kill you.

Crystal stage - it happens in all Kelsaik instances, crystal health is different, timing must be perfect because person responsible for crystal can wipe the party, but key to crystal is to watch kelsaik animation when kelsaik lifts it's head up crystal must be broken.

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