Quick guide to Rift's Edge

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Quick guide to Rift's Edge

Post by Linas on Thu Aug 14, 2014 4:46 pm

Do you see the dust? No? Are you blind? Kill all these mobs around!

Rift's edge is quite short instance compared to something like Wonderholme, but it has way more mechanics. So it begins with alot of trash mobs that you have to kill and a Commander. Adds must be killed before you pull Commander because once this mob is pulled all adds will rush to the person who attacked the Commander first. Then we move on to arachnae type of bam, it's just tank and spank fight only.

Normal mode. You will take an airship and move to the plant boss.

Hard mode. You will have to split your raid into two groups with 5 people each. Party with mystic goes to left side to fight bam monsters. Party with priest goes to clean normal mobs and Ovolith bam. After both sides are cleaned both parties meet up at plant boss.

Do you like gardening? No? Good, because we are pulling this weed out of the ground!

At the plant boss there are mechanics that might kill you instantly or do around 80-90% damage to your health. Things you have to watch out for are: Red Skull indicator next to boss' hp bar, when plant says "poosh poosh" few times in normal chat and "Churr churr". Poosh poosh attack has a nasty silence + poison effect. Churr churr is just a simple aoe attack that knocks you down. Once the plant spawns adds you should kill them as fast as possible because they can increase power of the boss.

More dust that you have to clean..

Once you dealt with plant boss, you will move further and then you should see alot of normal mobs, but there are 3 different ones that you must kill. They are: lancer, berserker and warrior. Archer mobs are unnecessary to kill to unlock the next boss.

Bees bees bees.

This bee is a lot easier than the boss you faced before. There are only 2-3 mechanics that may kill you, but they can be easily avoided. Whole boss fight is almost tank and spank fight, but when the mechanics kick in you will have to: run to the safe spots if the game says "Vespa sprays cave with acid" or if the game says your name and bee, then you run to one of the spider nests and get rid of them, but dont wander too far away because boss might pull whole raid into itself and deal a lot of damage!

It cannot get any worse.. BUT IT'S GIANT DUNG BEETLE!

Last boss in Rift's Edge has variety of abilities and 3 mechanics. It tests everyone's abilities, healers must get their dispel skills ready and time them right when the game says "Koleogg's lightning charge is almost ready!" and then dps classes must knockdown or stagger the boss, if this fails everyone must follow tank to the closest wall and hide behind him otherwise it's insta-kill for any class. Whenever boss says "The ground quakes!" you must break shield else another mechanic kicks in and knocks you into air and puts a nasty poison on you. And the last thing that might try to kill you is crystal phase, here you will have to kill all 3 crystals at same time, but only 1 must be timed. So whenever you see the boss moving it's wings hit the last crystal and you are safe. Hardmode part - there will be 3 phases for crystals during the fight, but each phase the crystal number will increase by one. So you will have to stay at your position longer time and time more crystals, it shouldnt be hard if you can do one.

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