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Slayer guide

Post by Linas on Thu Aug 14, 2014 8:37 pm

Slayer, slayer, slayer.. A glass cannon with knockdown abilities. Slayer is one of the squishiest classes in game, but it does have good power and crit rate. People who are patient easily become good damage dealers in parties, but big part of them give up while leveling. Slayer has only one ability that allows this class to dodge stuff and it's called Evasive Roll.

While leveling a slayer I recommend using couple of different sets of crystals because for each type of mobs you may want to switch them out since you have very weak defence. Doing quests / leveling - Hunter crystals and Stalwart. For instances I personally recommend using: Savage, Focused, Forceful and Acrimonious, armor crystals are usually Anarchic, but for some occasions you may want to use Relentless too.

Slayer power glyph build:
Other efficient build:

Slayer rotation starts off by using Overpower, In Cold Blood and then Heart Thrust. Other than that your main skills are Knockdown Strike, Whirlwind, Overhand Strike, Distant Blade (only if you run out of skills or need ranged), Leaping Strike (also used for dodging) and Stunning Backhand for extra damage or just a simple stun.

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